Language and understanding share a special connection: words, writing and speech. But it is possible to experience so many things that don't have words to describe them. The shape and structure of a book have been the basis for many of my art works.

Chessbook, 2012, Irma Tonteri


2012, Digital printed book for International Change Portfolio, organized by CHHAAP, India

Report, the blue book, 2013, Irma Tonteri

Report, the blue book

2013, etching on self made Indigo tinted Kozopaper

From here and there, 2013, Irma Tonteri

From here and there

2013, digital print on self made Kozopaper

Takana, 2008, Irma Tonteri


2008, etching, roller, size 35 x 54 cm

Circulation, 2007, Irma Tonteri


2007, etching, roller, size 35 x 54 cm