The basis of my artistic work is the process of making, that becomes visible in art works and their themes as an entity.
Paper is the most crucial material I use. As a material it is fragile and it holds meanings in itself.
It is perishable: burnable, decomposable, ever changing.

My artistic work is like organizing; concepts, shapes, lines, materials, tools. There is a vast amount of space for randomness in it. Even when the basis is only a shapeless notion there is something familiar in the process itself -I know how to proceed.

In the process I make choices, make connections in between things, begin to make more delicate considerations and achieve assurance as the work goes on.

In my artistic work I use various techniques; I draw and etch on copper plate and print the etchings on paper. I photograph the prints and reprint them on handmade paper I've made myself. Afterwards, I might even continue the artwork by printing or drawing some more on it .

In time consuming drawings and large sized works slowness and incompleteness are parts of the working process that I hope to be visible in the finalized art works as well. It can be seen as a protest against the hecticness and achievement centeredness of life in general.