The passing lightness of presence becomes understood and visible through perishing, absence. On the other side there is imperishableness; these are related to the understanding of existence. Making the invisible visible, marks on paper describing more an emotion than a thing.

Paper, Art Center Antares 2014, Irma Tonteri


Art Center Antares 2014, digital and manual printing on Japanese papers, size 4,3 m x 7 m

Paper, Art Center Mältinranta 2015, Irma Tonteri


Art Center Mältinranta 2015, digital and manual printing on japanese papers, size 11m x 2,65 m

Paper, Installation at Gallery G 2015, Irma Tonteri. Kuvaaja Heli Kaskinen


Installation at Gallery G 2015. Image: Heli Kaskinen

Sight, 2014, Irma Tonteri


2014, etching, Kozopaper, size 52 x 29 cm

The Veil, 2015, Irma Tonteri

The Veil

2015, etching Kozo and Gampi-papers, shellack, collagé, size about 70 x 62 cm

Light 2015, Irma Tonteri


2015, etching, Mitsumata and gampi-paper, size 31 x 24 m